The Foster Care Council Lex Ky Education Advancement ProgramThe Education Advancement/Mentoring Program – is set up so that a foster child will have a chance to succeed in his / her studies. Being taken out of your home and placed in an unfamiliar environment is hard enough; now add having to keep up with homework and studying for tests.

The Foster Care Council provides a tutor to a foster child that is testing below grade level.  The Education Training Coordinator will place the child with a certified teacher for 3 hours per week.   The child is pre tested to determine individual academic needs.  The uniqueness of this program is that the tutoring is conducted at the child’s current residence (with the caregiver present), this ensures the child receives the assistance. The child is post tested after six months to determine progression and future academic needs.

The Foster Care Council Lex Ky Mentoring ProgramOur Mentoring Program is geared for children 12 years and older. The youth will receive tutoring along with the mentoring. It is recommended that children at this age begin learning important life skills. This program will assist in preparing them for their teen years and early adulthood. The Mentor program will educate the individual on areas they have questions about, explain community resources, explain how to fill out a job application, a college application, develop a budget, balance a checkbook, etc.

Tutoring Referral Form
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Clothing Program – is available to children that need clothing. A child that has been abruptly removed from his / her home very seldom has more than the clothes on his / her back. Upon request, we will provide a gift card to the caregiver so that they can take the child to a local clothing store to shop for needed items.

Clothing Program Form
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Foster Care Council Summer Camp Program Thank You DrawingSummer Camp – funding is provided so that the child can attend the summer camp of her / his choice. Our volunteers diligently work within the community and with local camps to receive the best possible price for the children to attend their desired camp.

Summer Camp Request Form
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The Foster Care Council Enrichment Program

Enrichment Program – this program allows for a child to participate in the activity of their choice; sports, music, karate, the arts or any other activity they want to explore.  This opportunity allows for the child to find talents that might otherwise go unrecognized.  Thus increasing a child’s self-esteem, attitude in the classroom, school/home behavior and allow them to meet and interact with peers with the similar interests.

The Foster Care Council Birthday ProgramBirthday Program – is a program allowing us to, depending on funding, send a gift card to every child sponsored by The Foster Care Council on his / her birthday so that they may purchase a gift item of their choosing.

Request For Funding – if you are a Case Manager or a Caregiver in need of funding for a foster child, please download and email the following form.  A FCC representative will contact you for further information.

Request For Funding Form
- Download the Request For Funding Form by clicking here.

Give the children throughout our community a chance to grow both socially and help build their education! Call The Foster Care Council today at (239) 248-7699 to learn more about how you can help or contact us via our online form.