Amy Worthington Johnson, President

Cindy Guckian, Vice President

Stephanie Biddle, Secretary

Shelly Walls

Tina Thomas

Dottie Niewald

Jaclyn Overby

Andrew May, Western Kentucky Representative

Honorary Members:

Connie Wells

Shelly Baesler

Linda Turner

Gwen Pinson 

Linda McGinnis

Shannon Hisle

Our mission is to provide funding for individualized tutoring, clothing, summer camp, and other enrichment activities for Kentucky’s foster children that have been removed from their home due to abuse, abandonment or neglect.

With your help, and the help of our community, we can make our local foster children feel loved and lead these children to be strong adults. Enrich a child’s life today with love and  support and put them on a path to a better life! Give the children throughout our community a chance to grow both socially and academically! Call The Foster Care Council today to learn more about how you can help.

2121 Richmond Rd #105
Lexington, KY 40502

(239) 248-7699

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