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MY VIBE is a dynamic and innovative organization dedicated to supporting young individuals who have aged out of the foster care program. We understand that transitioning into adulthood can be challenging, especially when faced with the task of setting up their first apartment. That's where MY VIBE steps in.


Our mission is simple yet impactful: to decorate and completely stock the first apartment of these young individuals, ensuring they have everything they need to start their new lives at 18 years old.


At MY VIBE, we believe that personal style and individuality are crucial elements in creating a successful and fulfilling life. That's why we conduct interviews with each individual to understand their unique preferences, tastes, and aspirations. We take into account every detail, from dishes to pantry items, cleaning supplies to furniture, and even art pieces that reflect their personality.


Join us in supporting these incredible young individuals as they transition into adulthood and create their own vibrant vibe. Together, we can make a lasting difference in their lives.

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